Welcome to Costa Farm & Greenhouse

Costa Farm is a third generation family farm. Ron and Karin Costa currently run the business on HWY 96 in Grant. The farm encompasses 80 acres of vegetables along with 8 greenhouses in which high quality bedding plants, perennials, hanging baskets, herbs, vegetable plants, and patio planters are grown for retail and wholesale purposes. Generations of growing experience are key to the success of Costa Farm & Greenhouse.

Unique and unusual annuals and eye-catching, combination hanging baskets are the niche Costa’s has developed through the years. Attention to detail, focusing on growing healthy plants and selling only the best sets Costa Farm & Greenhouse apart from the big box stores.

Outstanding freshness and taste make the produce Ron grows irresistible. Visit the farm, take home the super-sweet corn and find out for yourself! “From Our Field to Your Fork!” is the way it was meant to be.  Costa’s firmly believe that buying locally and supporting agriculture in your area is important to your community and your health. Produce grown by farmers locally, who care about the the footprint left for future generations needs your nurturing and support. Costa Farm & Greenhouse is Food Safety Certified by the USDA.

Costa Farm is a Seasonal Retail and Wholesale Business.

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